Organise a Hens Party

Hen’s night checklist

  1. Decide on the date. Are you going to have it a month before the wedding, a week before, the night before? There are pros and cons for each scenario.
  2. Will your hen’s party have a theme? It is often fun to have a theme that relates to the couple – i.e. if the groom likes surfing, all of the hen’s night attendees could dress up as ‘surfie chicks’.
  3. Decide what type of hen’s party you are arranging. Some ideas are: dinner and drinks, pampering at a beauty salon, lunch at a winery or other country location, adventure activity like white water rafting, or just a night out on the dance floor!
  4. Will your hen’s night have games? Will they be ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ games? Bear in mind any members of the hen’s party that may be offended by overly sexual or smutty games. Do not plan too many games. Allow plenty of time for people to socialise. Three to five games is perfect.
  5. Arrange transport if required, such as hire a minibus to take people to the event.
  6. Always encourage everyone to drink responsibly, especially the bride to be. This will be her last night of freedom, and she will want to remember it as a great time, not remember it as everyone being drunk!
  7. Confiscate the bride to be’s phone, so she cannot contact her fiancé to find out what the corresponding buck’s night is doing!
  8. Take lots of photos to remember a wonderful night with your girlfriends!

Ideas for games at Hens Parties

  • Chink and Drink
  • The Peg Game
  • You’re marrying THAT?
  • The Bride’s Quiz
  • The Groom’s Quiz
  • Poetry
  • Advice
  • The Wedding Dress Design Competition
  • Pash the Pic
  • Saint Clara

More ideas

  • Black Board Bubbles – they’ll be a hit at your hens party. Read why!
  • Suggested Party Game Prizes
  • Kitchen Tea Gift ideas