Clean Hens Party Games

Bachelorette and Hens Party Games

Chink and Drink

This is a great way to get the party started. It helps all of the guests quickly and easily identify where everyone “fits” in. Make sure all guests have a full glass of champagne (or soda water!). Then announce the rules – if you belong to the group of people that is called out, then you have to “chink and drink” with the other members of that “group”. Groups to call out include:

  • “Chink and Drink if you are from the bride’s family”
  • “Chink and Drink if you work with the bride”
  • “Chink and Drink if you met the bride through the groom”
  • “Chink and Drink if you are the groom’s family”
  • “Chink and Drink if you have known the bride for longer than ten years”
  • “Chink and Drink if you met the bride in the last 12 months”

There are many opportunities! You could even have penalties if a person is in a “group” all by themselves and so therefore has no one to Chink and Drink with. This could be rigged – for example, if you want the bride to have a penalty, you could make it very specific – ie “Chink and Drink if you are getting married at 2pm next Saturday!”.

This game helps get everyone interacting and gets the party going, right from the start.

The Peg Game

Give all members of the hens party two pegs. They must place them somewhere conspicuous on their clothing. Choose two words that are the banned words for the day (such as wedding or dress) and whenever someone says these banned words, the person who hears it first can steal a peg from them. Whoever ends up with the most pegs at the end of the day wins a prize!

You’re marrying THAT?

Find the ugliest photo of the bride’s husband-to-be that you can. Even the best looking men have ugly photos perhaps taken when they are intoxicated or asleep! The bride must keep this photo with her throughout the night, and when a codeword is yelled out, she has to show a stranger the photo and announce that this is the man she is marrying! The person who yells out the codeword must buy her a drink if she does it with a straight face successfully. Snapfish have a great deal offering 20 free digital prints to new members. Click here to get your 20 free photo prints (the link will open in a new window so you can keep reading the rest of our game ideas).

The Bride’s Quiz

Ask the bride twenty questions a few days before the hens party. Example questions: The Bride’s Quiz. Create question sheets and have everyone at the hens party fill them out at the same time. Offer two prizes one for whoever finishes first (this shops people colluding and the game going on too long!) and one for whoever gets the most questions right! It is good to let the bride be the judge on this one for answers to questions that are close but not quite.

The Grooms Quiz

Ask the groom some questions about he and the bride. Example questions: The Groom’s Quiz. Read the questions out to the bride, and she must answer the questions in front of everyone. For each question that she gets right, she get a prize, or as an alternative, for each question she gets wrong, she gets some kind of penalty!


Get all members of the hens party to team up into groups of two (except for the bride). Ask each pair to write a poem about the bride and groom. It does not have to be fancy, it could be a limerick or a haiku. Ask each pair to read out their poem to the party, and award a prize for the best poem. Collate all of the poems in a book or folder for the bride to keep as a souvenir of her hens party.


Give all members of the hens party a small card. Ask her to write down a piece of advice on the card for her it could be some advice about married life, some advice about life, or some words of wisdom. Put the card in a small envelope and get all hens party attendees to decorate the envelope in some way. Seal the envelopes and put them in a small box for the bride to take out another day, as a keepsake from her hens party.

The Wedding Dress Design Competition

This game is not such a good one if you are having a hens party on location, but it’s a great one for hens parties or kitchen teas at home. For this game you will need lots and lots of toilet paper, sticky tape, white crepe paper, silver tinsel, and white garbage bags! Divide the party up into groups of three or four. Each group must design and make a wedding dress out of the material provided and dress up one of their team members (one roll of toilet paper per group should be enough). Give each team a fifteen minute time limit and let them get creative! After the dresses have been made, have a fashion parade and the group can decide which team gets the prize for best wedding dress.

Pash the Pic

All you will need for this one is a big picture of the bride’s favourite movie star, a scarf, and a tube of lipstick! Stick the picture up on the wall and get all the girls to put some lipstick on. Use the scarf to blindfold each participant, spin them around and then get them to try and pash the picture of the movie star! Write each person’s name next to their lipstick mark and whoever gets the closest to pashing the movie star on the mouth wins a prize! This game is best done with some butcher’s paper behind the picture to ensure no lipstick gets on the wall, or else you can also stick the picture to the fridge as the mislaid lipstick will wipe off easily.

Saint Clara

Saint Clara / Clare / Claire has long been considered a patron saint of good weather because her name in Spanish (clara) means clear, like the brightening of sky after a storm. The patroness link with eggs came about as her name (clara [de huevo]) is the Spanish for ‘egg white’. Well, in any case, someone, somewhere along the line thought it would be a good idea to offer eggs to Saint Clara in exchange for good weather on the bride’s wedding day! So get creative with it. Print out a large picture of Saint Clara, grab a plastic drop sheet, and get all of the hens party to throw eggs at Saint Clara from a few metres away, trying to hit her square on the face! This game is a very fun one and you could go through many more eggs than one per person, because everyone always wants another go! Whoever gets the egg closest to the target (Saint Clara’s face) wins the prize.

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