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Dirty Hens and Bachelorette Party Games

I don't like cleaning because...

Provide each guest with a piece of paper to fill out. Each piece of paper should have the following written on it:

  • Name:
  • The household chose that I hate the most:
  • The reason why I hate it is:

Once everyone has filled out their answers and handed their paper back, the organiser can stand up in front of the greoup and read each one out. But instead of reading out what is written on the paper, they say "the reason [name] doesn't like sex is because [the reason why they hate their household chore].

Hilarity will ensue! An example: Jane writes down that she hates dusting, because it's never ending and once you've finished you just have to start again. So the organiser will read out: "The reason why Jane doesn't like sex is because it's never ending and once you've finished you just have to start again!".

Make sure no one knows why they are putting down their answers from the beginning!


Give each hen�s party attendee a lump of play dough, and ask her to create a life size model of the husband-to-be�s penis! The bride then judges who is the most accurate. This game can also be done in teams of two, three or four girls.

Pass the parcel

Put together a �pass the parcel� with naughty prizes in it � for example, flavoured condoms, small vibrators, penis lollies, and other small items that can be found in sex shops locally or online. Make the music accompanying the game something sexy and naughty!

Dare and double dare

If the hen�s party is taking place in a public place, each attendee of the hen�s party can give the bride a dare, make sure she completes it, and if she is successful, the one who gave her the dare must buy her a drink! Make sure you space the dares out throughout the night. Some examples of dares are � the bride must find a man with a moustache and give him a kiss, the bride must leave a lipstick mark on the cheeks of 10 men within 30 seconds, the bride must take a beer bottle and pretend she is giving it oral sex, or the bride must stand up in front of everyone and yell out �I�m horny!�

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