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Hens party theme ideas

50's style housewives

Pull out the floral tea sets and aprons and have a 50's style hen's party. You can eat tea cakes, swap recipes and wear your hair in curls and your best red lipstick! Games can include "who can iron a shirt the fastest" or "guess the flavour of jelly" - a classic dessert from the 50's! Read out classic 50's housewives rules and laugh at how times have changed. Here are some 50's housewife "rules".

Wine tour

Hire a mini-bus and head on a wine tour with the girls. Keep this one classy - no penis paraphernalia or veils! Taste some beautiful wine and head out to lunch, and play a few games on the bus between wineries or at the lunch venue. This type of event is suitable for all ages - the bride's friends, mother, aunts and grandmother too!

High tea

Head out to high tea in your prettiest dresses and heels! Again, this is one to keep classy. High tea venues include:

50's style rock and roll

Get all of your girlfriends to dress up in rockabilly outfits - polka dot dresses, crop tops and capri pants, and neck scarves! Head to a bowling alley and knock down some pins, then off to a 50's style diner for a hamburger and milkshake.

Moonlight cinema

Most major cities have moonlight cinema on summer. Head out with your beanbags and picnic rugs and get there nice an early so you can have a leisurely picnic and play some games before the movie starts. Choose a classic girlie flick for your hen's party at the moonlight cinema!

Sports day

If you have more than 16 people coming to your hen's day, you have enough people for a sports day! Find a public park or oval and invite guests with a different coloured invitation which specifies which team they will be on. Have four teams - red, yellow, green and blue (you could always name each team after the bride-to-be's pets, favourite band members or ex-boyfriends!). Ask each guest to dress in their team colour. Play traditional sports day games such as tug of war, egg and spoon race, sack race or balloon popping race! If you would like to plan a hen's day that is a little "naughtier" you could always combine naughty elements with the sports day games - pop the balloon to find the condom, for example!

Cocktail party

Head to a private venue and put on a cocktail party. Ask each guest to bring a different ingredient and brush up on some cocktail recipes such as cosmopolitan, mojito, Margarita and caprioska. Either hire a bar person or have everyone pitch in and do it themselves! Put "Cocktail" on the TV (with the sound turned down!) and pump up the music.

Cooking class

Ideal for a smaller hen's party, less than 10 people. Either hire a caterer or chef to come to your home, or go to a cooking class venue. Learn how to make dinner and then enjoy it afterwards! Everyone will get something out of a cooking class - whether they are a seasoned cook or beginner.

High seas

Hire a boat and hit the waters. Drink champagne and have lunch while you're sailing out on the harbour. Make the hen's party a "nautical" theme to suit.

Make 'Em Laugh

Head to a comedy show! Make the theme of your hen's party laughter - you could send out your invitations rolled up in the jaws of wind-up plastic laughing teeth!

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