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Hens Night Invitations

An invitation to a hen's party or bridal shower is the first taste your guests will get of the event. It's a good idea to decide on the theme of your day before you send the invitations, so the theme is continued throughout. Remember that your invitations do not have to be traditional - they can be very creative depending on what type of event you are planning.

Remember the basics:

  • where
  • when
  • what time
  • RSVP details
  • and what to wear

Ideas for invitations for your hen's party or bridal shower:

An Invitation CD

Put the invitation on a CD insert, so that the invitation is the "cover" of the CD, and fill the CD with songs that are the bride's favourite, or perhaps songs that give a clue to your event (such as 70s disco music if you are going dancing, or songs about water if you are taking a boat trip).

A Wine Bottle Invitation

If your event is a wine tour, buy a case of "cleanskin" (unlabelled) wines. These can be purchased direct from wineries or from specialist cleanskin outlets for a fraction of the price of labelled wines. You can print the invitation and stick it onto the bottle so it looks like a wine label!

Salon Invitations

If your hen's party requires your quests to get "glamorous" and make an effort to dress up, ask your local beauty salon if they can provide discount vouchers for hair dressing services or make up. Often if a business knows that they will get lots of new customers out of it, they will be happy to offer 10% or 20% discount vouchers to their new clients.

Life Drawing Invitation

If you are doing a special activity on your hen's party such as a life drawing class, present your invitation on a canvas.

Email Invitation

If you are sending your invitation via email instead of post, get creative with pictures of the bride to be and clues to the event details - perhaps as a slideshow or short digital movie. You could even record the invitation on a mobile phone video recorder.

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